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Private Pilot Training

Becoming a pilot is an exciting experience. The private pilot certificate can be compared to a driver's license. It allows you to travel almost anywhere and it allows you to carry passengers with relatively few restrictions. The Federal Aviation Administration requires you to be at least 16 years old and to read, speak and understand English in order to obtain a student pilot certificate and a medical certificate.

Per Federal Aviation Administration Regulations, to get your Private Pilot's license, you must be at least 17 years old and have minimum aeronautical experience of 40 hours total flight. This time must include at least 20 hours of flight training from an authorized instructor and at least 10 hours of solo flight training.

Our mission at PlaneSmart! is to make you the safest and best pilot you can be. The actual amount of time depends on the commitment and study time devoted to achieving the objective.

Our Private Pilot program is a Three Phase course: Basic Flying (BF) and Cross Country (XC), Solo Flying (SF), and Check Ride Preparation (CRP):

Phase 1: Basic Flying (BF) and Cross Country (XC). You will fly a minimum of 30 hours in the airplane with a Certified Flight Instructor during which time you will learn all of the basic maneuvers required by the FAA. You will also learn to plan and fly cross country flights to round out the scenario based, real world training. We encourage this type of training to prepare our students for what they will face once they are certificated so that they have a broader base of knowledge and experience from which to draw.

Phase 2: Solo Flying (SF). When you are ready to Solo, you will fly a minimum of 10 hours by yourself practicing the basic maneuvers and three cross countries to meet the minimum FAA requirements for solo flights. We require that the student take and pass the private pilot written test prior to conducting any solo flights.

Phase 3: Check Ride Preparation (CRP). Check ride prep will consist of additional training as required to reach proficiency in each objective area. You will revisit and practice all required maneuvers and emergency procedures required by the FAA for the flight test. This stage is completed when you pass your Private Pilot check ride.


Personal Commitment: The PlaneSmart! Private Pilot program is perfect for the discriminating individual that demands the very best. Here's why...

  • Learn to fly at your pace.
  • You'll learn from highly experienced instructor pilots.
  • You'll fly and train in the very latest, technically advanced aircraft.
  • Cirrus Airframe Parachute System for added peace of mind.