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Aircraft Management

PlaneSmart!'s aircraft management program allows you, as an aircraft owner, to turn over many of the operational tedium and hassles of aircraft ownership.  We can even offset your cost of ownership through charter.  This is a comprehensive service at the direction of each aircraft owner including, but not limited to, the following:

⇒   Cause the Aircraft to be inspected, maintained, serviced, repaired, and tested in accordance with the FAA and manufacturer’s approved maintenance and preventative repair programs;

⇒   Clearinghouse for all aircraft related and billing correspondence (e.g., aircraft manufacture, insurance company, FAA, taxing authorities, and subscription and maintenance tracking services);

⇒   Maintain all records, logbooks, and other material required by the FAA to be maintained on the Aircraft and make the same available for Owner’s inspection;

⇒   Keep the aircraft interior and exterior in good cosmetic appearance based on a standard mutually agreed upon between PSA and the owner; and

⇒   Assist with various ownership and operational issues as they may arise.  

⇒   Optional charter and leaseback to offset your expenses when the plane is not otherwise in use.