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Equity Aircraft Ownership


Shared Ownership

PlaneSmart!'s Shared Ownership programs are perfect for enjoying the aviation lifestyle you've always wanted – but at a fraction of the price.  Shared Ownership allows owners to select a usage plan that fits their individual travel needs. It also alleviates the cash flow, decision making and management worries that generally come with traditional aircraft partnerships.  

All programs are designed to accommodate both the owner pilot and non-pilot.  PlaneSmart! provides professional pilot training and transition courses to keep pilots current, and safe.  We also provide professional pilot services to take you where you want to go – with a focus on convenience, safety, and piece of mind.

Ownership levels typically run in 1/4 or 1/2 share sizes, and the amount of share interest purchased determines the number of annual flight hours and overnights available.  If you participate in our interchange program with fleet access, you will have more availability and flexibility than you would as a sole owner or in a private partnership.  So, when your plane is scheduled by someone else or down for maintenance, you simply take another identical aircraft, if available, or one better suited to your flight mission.  Either way, it’s truly aviation simplified. 

Sole Ownership

You may be considering the purchase of an airplane, or already own one, but feel that the flexibility that comes with sole aircraft ownership is the best solution to meet your needs.  PlaneSmart! may be of assistance with its aircraft acquisition program or its complete management services offering.  If desired, we may also be able to offset some or all of your operating expenses through leaseback or chartering of your plane while it is not otherwise in use.  Please contact your PlaneSmart! representative to see how these scenarios may work for you.


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