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The Cessna Citation CJ3+ is a brand new model which delivered in July 2015 from the factory.  It has a luxurious black and grey interior with passenger seating for 7-8 passengers and a belted  lavatory seat.  This light jet has a roomy cabin that 4’10” wide, 4’9” high and a length of 15’8”.  It is single clubbed with two captains chairs in the aft facing forward, as well as a single chair facing the cabin door.  The endurance is 4.4 hours  with a range of up to 2,040 nm and max cruise speed of 416 ktas.  It is equipped with RVSM, TCAS and EGPWS.  There is a mini galley onboard and enclosed lavatory.

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Takeoff Field Length (MTOW) 3180 ft
Max Cruise Speed 416 ktas
Range: Full Fuel/Available Payload 1,276 nm
Landing Field Length (MLW) 2,770 ft
Seating Configuration
Pax  7-8
Manufacturer Williams Intl.
Type FJ44-3A
Power Rating 2,820 lb
Manufacturer Garmin
Suite FMS
Design Weights & Loading
Maximum Gross Weight 13,870 lbs
Standard Empty Weight 10,510 lbs
Useful Load 5,530 lbs
Fuel Capacity 703 gal/4,710 lbs

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