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Cessna Citation Sierra Eagle II

Citation 501 converted to Sierra Eagle II spec (Williams engines and Eagle wing, more fuel capacity, 4,400 lbs total vs. 3,800 stock, 1,800 NM range) in 2006.  Cruise at 380 knots, climb directly to FL430 at max gross weight in 23 minutes, and enjoy better cabin space, payload and range than a CJ2, all with CJ1+ fuel flows and speeds!  Cockpit converted to Garmin/Sierra G501SP avionics (G1000) plus extra Avidyne EX600 MFD and L3 Trilogy standby attitude indicator in September 2012. Guardian Avionics Bluetooth GPS relay for up to 5 iOS or Android devices directly from the G950 receiver. Two 110VAC and two 12VDC outlets in cabin.  Branson Tail Cone baggage & ski mod.


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All-Inclusive Shared Ownership Available in Dallas, TX, X-Edition, Air Conditioning, FLEET ACCESS!