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Shared Aircraft

Cirrus SR20-G2

Whether you're a student-pilot looking to begin flying lessons in the latest generation of single engine airplane, or a VFR pilot needing (or wanting) to gain your Instrument rating, PlaneSmart!'s SR20-G2 can get you there. PlaneSmart! has multiple, fully loaded SR20-G2's available for hourly flight training, block time discounts, and shared leasing.

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Cirrus SR22-GTS

The Cirrus SR22 is the world's best-selling single engine four-seat airplane. Our fleet consists of both turbo-charged and normally aspirated aircraft.  Most are equipped with air conditioning and are fully loaded aircraft, consisting of the latest enhancements general aviation has to offer.

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Piper Meridian

Fly the Piper Meridian and enjoy true performance and value.  A nice and comfortable, pressurized 6-seat cabin with a rear club seating arrangement allows each traveler the peace-of-mind of turbine engine reliability, and the speed of many larger turbo-propeller powered aircraft.

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Pilatus PC-12 NG

PlaneSmart! is proud to have another solution for today's most demanding aircraft owner.  Take a look inside and see why the turbine powered, Pilatus PC-12 NG is the right answer for practically any mission by providing speed, comfort, range, efficiency, and/or high payload capability.

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Beechcraft Premier 1A

Go faster with PlaneSmart!  The Premier 1A has a maximum speed of of Mach .80 that is 457 knots true airspeed.  The Premier 1A also has lower operating costs per mile than Cessna Citation CJ2+ 

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Cirrus Vision SF50

Limited positions remaining at entry pricing.  The Vision jet is the next logical step up from the Cirrus SR22 line of aircraft.  Become one of the first to experience simplified aircraft ownership in your very own personal jet.