The Luxurious and Affordable Alternative to Traditional Private Air Transportation.

Our Story

Image of Planesmart! Aviation Simplied graphicPlaneSmart! Aviation, LLC was established in 2003.  Our goal at that time was simple - to create a solution for pilots to have affordable and hassle-free access to the latest in aviation safety and technology. 

Starting with an analysis of the piston aircraft market, we chose Cirrus Aircraft as our base platform.  Cirrus had pioneered the mass production of a whole aircraft parachute system, as well as numerous other safety features into every one of their airplanes.  We felt Cirrus had also leveraged the emerging glass cockpit technologies better than any of the other piston manufacturers at the time.  These items were of great interest to the aviation community, but simply too expensive for most buyers to justify, even if they could afford it on their own.

We began by purchasing several brand new Cirrus aircraft and selling them in equity shares as small as 1/8th in size.  For a fixed predictable fee, our customers received access to the most technologically advanced piston aircraft available, but at a fraction of the cost and none of the hassles of sole ownership.  And, with fleet accessibility to multiple identically equipped aircraft, our customers enjoyed accessibility greater than they would have in a partnership arrangement or as a sole owner. 

After a successful rollout at our Austin Bergstrom location (KAUS), we purchased additional Cirrus aircraft in 2005 and opened another location at the Addison Airport (KADS), which we later claimed as our corporate headquarters. 

In 2008, with the stock market sputtering and consumer confidence waning, we made two seemingly small, but important changes to our product offering: First, leasing unsold inventory and second, brokering whole aircraft in exchange for equity shares in new.  Prospective customers that could not justify the up-front investment suddenly had a more attainable lease option.  Existing aircraft owners searching for a more conservative solution found they upgraded their situation with a more capable aircraft, better accessibility, and a smaller cost – often with money left over after we sold their aircraft.  As word got out, our customer base doubled by the end of the following three years. 

Since that time, PlaneSmart! has expanded its product offering, added numerous turbo-props and jets in various ownership and lease access programs.  We have also added a charter division to provide a simple non-pilot and one flight at a time option, too.  So, whether you are seeking an air transportation solution for yourself or your business, or are an existing aircraft owner looking for someone to manage your plane or help offset its expense, or simply want to learn to fly in a high quality and well maintained aircraft, call PlaneSmart! Aviation.  It’s aviation simplified.