The Luxurious and Affordable Alternative to Traditional Private Air Transportation.

About PlaneSmart!

PlaneSmart! is a professionally managed aircraft ownership program designed specifically for you, both the owner-pilot and non-pilot. PlaneSmart! provides managed ownership of Cirrus SR22-G3 aircraft. Through participating in the PlaneSmart! program, our customers receive all the benefits of private ownership with predictable costs at a fraction of those of sole ownership.

Highlights of the PlaneSmart! program:

  • Access to a fleet consisting mostly of Cirrus SR22-G3, air-conditioning equipped airplanes complete with charts, headsets, and fuel cards!
  • Pricing includes aircraft insurance, storage, fuel, cleaning, and all normal maintenance.
  • A professionally managed program with quality personal service.
  • Dry lease programs that allow access to larger, turbine-powered business aircraft, such as the Pilatus PC-12 NG.

All of our programs allow you to experience the advantages of airplane ownership from your first flight without the typical start-up costs and time consuming challenges of traditional ownership.