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PlaneSmart! Aviation’s ARGUS gold safety rated air charter service is truly aviation simplified.

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Aviation Simplified

PlaneSmart! Aviation provides access to aircraft that meet the needs of our clients' missions. We are a licensed air carrier offering innovative and cost-effective air transportation and private aircraft management solutions to pilots and non-pilots alike.

We professionally manage a diverse fleet of high-performance piston, turboprop and jet airplanes. Our customers can choose the type of aircraft and private air transportation solution that best satisfies their business or leisure travel goals. With convenient fleet access, clients find our programs to be a superior and cost-effective alternative to commercial airline travel.

Whether you're just learning to fly, have regularly scheduled or one-off trips, or are in need of a private aircraft management solution, talk to a representative from PlaneSmart! We are the experienced private air transportation and aircraft ownership partner you have been looking for. It’s aviation simplified.

Air Transportation

Aircraft Fleet

Our comprehensive fleet gives you the flexibility to choose the perfect aircraft for any mission.

PlaneSmart! Charter offers state-of-the-art turboprop and private jet aircraft, available on a pay-as-you-go basis. LEARN MORE

PlaneSmart!’s Shared Aircraft Lease offers all the accoutrements of sole and shared ownership with professional management services, but without the up-front capital expenses. LEARN MORE

PlaneSmart! Aviation has a corporate travel solution for your most demanding business travel needs. LEARN MORE

Our fleet of Cirrus SR20 and SR22 airplanes are highly sought-after personal aircraft, perfect for regional business trips and weekend getaways. LEARN MORE

Owner Services

PlaneSmart!'s aircraft management program allows you to turn over much of the operational tedium of aircraft ownership. Our service is tailored to your specific needs. LEARN MORE

PlaneSmart!'s Shared Ownership Programs are perfect for enjoying the aviation lifestyle you've always wanted – but at a fraction of the price. LEARN MORE

Is your aircraft idle some of the time? PlaneSmart! Aviation can help to offset your ownership and operating costs by generating flight revenue when you are not using the aircraft yourself. LEARN MORE

PlaneSmart! has professional pilot services to help you with a plane you own or intend to purchase. We have career pilots who can help you safely get to where you want to go. LEARN MORE


PlaneSmart! Aviation Training Services

Whether you are just taking off, landing that next pilot rating, or improving your skills, we have personalized pilot training for busy professionals and students alike. Our Cirrus fleet gives our clients the ability to train or fly in the SR20 or high performance SR22/SR22T.

Explore blue skies with a personalized private pilot program. We can help with every step in meeting the FAA testing and flight requirements for your private pilot license. Our comprehensive flight and ground training will have you flying with confidence in either your own or our Cirrus aircraft. CONTACT US

An instrument flight rating is the next step in mastering the aircraft and its more advanced flight instruments. Instrument flight rules are exciting as they allow you to fly in low-visibility conditions and navigate through the clouds. An instrument rating will prepare you for a safe flight even when weather appears to stand in your way. CONTACT US

Pilots looking to upgrade their wings will find our Cirrus training an excellent option. If you are not already familiar with the technologically advanced Cirrus aircraft, this program will teach you everything you need to know in order to fly the most popular piston aircraft on the market today! CONTACT US

Pilots wanting to practice flying skills, renew a flight currency, improve their confidence in the clouds, or master any other skill associated with flying should contact us. We will find the right training program, aircraft, and instructor to fit your recurrency training needs. CONTACT US


Interested in buying an aircraft? PlaneSmart!’s experienced private aviation staff know how to find the solutions that best meet the needs of our clients. LEARN MORE

If you are selling your airplane and want a quick solution and a fair price with professional representation, contact PlaneSmart!. We have the knowledge and experience to find the right buyer, fast. SHOP AIRCRAFT

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