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The Cirrus SR22 is the world's best-selling single engine airplane.  In addition to the best features that the SR20 has to offer, our Cirrus SR22s nearly all come equipped with air conditioning, and the superior performance characteristics of the Continental IO550 310 horsepower engine as described below.  Our fleet consists of both normally aspirated and turbo-charged aircraft that are plumbed with oxygen and can travel near full power up to 25,000 feet through known icing conditions (FIKI).

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Performance SR22 SR22T
Takeoff 1028 ft 822 ft
Takeoff (50' object) 1594 ft 1267 ft
Climb rate 1400 ft/min 1300 ft/min
Stall Speed with Flaps 60 KCAS 60 KCAS
Max Cruise Speed 185 KTAS 214 KTAS
Cruise Range with Reserve 1049 nm 947 nm
Maximum Range (55% power) 1170 nm 1046 nm
Landing Ground Roll 1141 ft 1141 nm
Landing over 50' Object 2344 ft Not Published
Manufacturer Continental Continental
Model IO-550-N IO-550-K
Horsepower 310 315
Design Weights & Loading
Maximum Gross Weight 3400 lbs 3400 lbs
Standard Empty Weight 2225 lbs 2348 lbs
Useful Load 1175 lbs 1052 lbs
Fuel Capacity 92 gal/552 lbs 92 gal/552 lbs
Length 26 ft 26 ft
Height 8 ft  11 in 8 ft 11 in
Wingspan 38 ft  4 in 38 ft 4 in
Cabin Width 49 in 49 in

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