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Professional Aircraft Management

PlaneSmart! Aviation provides whole or shared aircraft professional management services to clients.  For a competitive monthly management fee, PlaneSmart! will take care of every aspect of aircraft ownership.  From maintenance to fuel requests to chart updates, PlaneSmart! does it all while you enjoy the convenience of private air travel.  If you choose to add partners to your aircraft, PlaneSmart! will manage all aspects of scheduling and coordination while you reduce your costs and earn money.


Whole Aircraft Management Services

PlaneSmart! will take care of all the aspects of aircraft ownership and leave you in complete control of your travel schedule.  Let us help you enjoy aircraft ownership to its fullest.


Shared Aircraft Management Services

Do you own an aircraft and desire to recuperate some of the costs of ownership?  PlaneSmart! can professionally manage and generate partnership revenue for your aircraft.  You will receive money back for each share sold and simultaneously reduce your monthly management fee.  You will be able to maintain full access to the aircraft and a return on your aircraft investment.  Let your aircraft work for you today!