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Piper Meridian

When stepping up from a high performance piston, flying a turbo-prop does not equate to high operational cost when it comes to the Piper Meridian.  Maximize the efficiency of your dollar when it comes to the comparison of speed, economy, six seats, and turbine reliability.  Over 10 years of industry exposure have proven the Meridian to be a winner for many different travel profiles.


Aviation Week Review - 2010

Flying Magazine Review - 2007

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 Max Cruise Speed 260 ktas  (300 mph)
 Range with 45 Minute Reserve 1,000 NM
 Max Approved Altitude 30,000 ft
 Takeoff Distance Over 50 ft Obstacle 2,438 ft
 Landing Distance Over 50 ft Obstacle 2,110 ft
 Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-42A
 Takeoff Power (flat-rated) 500 SHP
 Propeller, Constant Speed, Full-Reversing Hartzell 4 Blade Constant Speed, Reversible
 Propeller Speed 2,000 RPM
 Time Between Overhaul 3,600 Hours
 Max Ramp Weight 5,134 lbs
 Standard Equipped Weight 3,433 lbs
 Standard Useful Load 1,701 lbs
 Fuel Capacity 170 US gal
Cabin Dimensions
 Wing Span 43 ft
 Aircraft Length 29 ft  7 in
 Aircraft Height 11 ft  4 in