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Why use PlaneSmart! and General Aviation?


PlaneSmart! Aviation provides an innovative and cost effective personal transportation solution for pilots and non-pilots alike. We professionally manage a fleet of technically advanced high performance airplanes and make them available to clients in either aircraft shares as equity owners, or rentals.


At PlaneSmart!, you fly in top-of-the-line Cirrus aircraft. Cirrus manufactures the top selling airplane in its class largely due to an outstanding mix of performance, safety and comfort. Each airplane is also equipped with the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS™) for added safety and peace of mind.



Benefits of Private Aircraft


Saving Time.General Aviation (GA) allows you to leave and arrive when you want. With over 13,000 US Airports, general aviation usually allows you to access an arrival point much closer to your true destination.

Increasing Productivity. By avoiding the restrictions of the commercial airlines‘ schedule, you can increase the productivity of your personal schedule. You can also achieve significant additional value in business, including face-to-face meetings with customers on their schedule.

Minimizing Non-Business Hours Away From Home. “Family time” before and after traditional business hours is critical to most individuals and can have an acute effect on morale and productivity. GA aircraft allow flexible scheduling and quick and easy access to meeting locations, thereby minimizing time away from home and office. Overnight trips and related expenses often can be avoided.

Maximizing Personal Safety and Peace of Mind. The peace of mind that results from complete control over the aircraft flown, passenger and baggage manifests, pilot quality and training, aircraft maintenance, and operational safety standards is substantial. Cirrus manufactures the top selling airplane in its class and is equipped with numerous safety features including the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS™).

Exercising Control Over Efficient, Reliable Scheduling. The near-total scheduling flexibility inherent in GA aircraft – even changing itineraries en route – can be a powerful asset. Aircraft can arrive and depart on the passengers’ schedule. Schedules can be moved up, back, or extended without penalty, risk or unnecessary scheduling pressures.

Projecting a Positive Business Image. Arrival and departure via GA aircraft is the sign of a well-run company, signaling the progressive nature of an organization with a keen interest in efficient time management and high levels of productivity.



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